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A low-cost device useful for gaining additional magnification is the barlow lens. Binoculars consist simply of a matched pair of small telescopes precisely mounted together to deliver a stereo image to your two eyes. The schmidt-cassegrain is a relatively new design that manages to catch the best of both worlds. A good time is almost guaranteed.

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Amateur astronomy binoculars for. Light pollution filters work by blocking the scattered light from mercury vapor lights and other terrestrial light sources. Because of the intense amount of heat that can build up at the point of focus, these filters are considered to be quite unsafe. With a power greater than 10 times magnification you will need to keep the binoculars steady. However sometimes you may want to sacrifice a little of the field of view and get deeper into space for a little more detail with a 10×50 binocular which is also very popular. Most astronomical objects are hard to see not because they are.


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Binoculars with objectives of 60mm or more are considered to be giant binoculars and often go by the names of observation binoculars or more often telescope binoculars in the us. Binoculars are the perfect in between. The best brands include fujinon who produce everything from a 70mm binocular to pier mounted telescopes.

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