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Making bongs out of apples and oranges and shit? come in one day and find your friend going, “hey! look man, i made a bong outta my head! put the pot in this ear and take it outta this one! good! take a hit! (snort)” then they got one of those big giant bongs that you gotta start up like a motorcycle. No, i don’t know whose. We must do this sometime! preferably drnka! (snort) i like your mustache.

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Asshole by dennis leary karaoke. We didn’t have mtv! we had the fucking supermarket! that’s what we had! we were down there everyday snorting whip cream and hamburger. Denis leary’s stance as an unregenerate, chain-smoking, meat-eating, angry young man is intense, to say the least. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. Yeah, i’d like to do some cocaine.

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