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Some trans guys love having their breasts stimulated, but only if you’re touching them as you would touch pecs (think: more general palm squeezing, less nip-flicks). Seuss-level basic: up boobs, down boobs/big or slight/the boobs you have/are the boobs he likes. So lick, pinch, stroke away. Pretty much anything you do here is golden. Lick a finger and swirl it over your nipple, cup them and lift them up (hot, plus, you know, lifting) or just let them bob up and down.

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Boob licking and sucking. For trans girls, this is usually a day or so after she’s taken her hormones. Give some love to her clavicle, cleavage, and even the top of her armpit. Provides this sensation in a safe and body friendly way. All links, videos and images are provided by 3rd parties. It offers the cooling and tingling sensation that licking and sucking on breast provide. But keep the breast where it is, and keep your mouth and hands focused on the surface. Use extra care on these days because the tissue is often tender and ouchy.

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Try getting the nipple wet with your saliva by licking and sucking them, then blow gently. Nipple biting should start exceedingly gentle. If you want to add to the licking sensation, you could also use lubricant to replicate the feeling of saliva.