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The thing to note about semen is that it’s a vehicle for delivering sperm through a vagina. In other words, i would be surprised if the water that makes up the sperm, pre-cum, etc is purely water. Com spoke with a urology specialist and sexual health counselor about all things semen. Luckily, katniss everdeen was looking over me, and the odds remained ever in my favor.

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Changing sperm flavor. Yes, for some women receiving oral can cause recurrent yeast infections. Always swallow, it is a sign of respect and enjoyment of the task at hand and mouth. Sadly, there’s been no scientific research conducted into whether oral ingestion of semen has an anti-depressive effect, though it seems likely that it may have at least some small positive effect. Taste alone is no reason to go near semen, then. It is not the act of fucking a womans mouth, it is the women sucking on your penis that gives you a deeper sensation, that i feel i can not get with just intercourse. If that color normalizes within a few days, there’s nothing really to worry about.


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As long as you keep the sex interesting you will be happy. This approach, after many years of practice is most enjoyable for us.

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