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How can you believe that there are no rights for the child, but an absolute right for the clinic and the man to make an agreement that is all about that child, yet the child has no control or say in the agreement that defines their own life. I still remember staring at the blue door of the stall as i listened to the woman who was the gatekeeper to my father tell me she remembered him from the late ’80s, that he was “very nice,” but that because he has a family and never told his wife about donating sperm, he wanted to stay anonymous. Revealing the identities of the old sperm donors would not result in a drop in the numbers of new sperm donors because the number of new donors has bottomed out. Because these children were all conceived in a clump, at the same clinic, means that you may be dating your brother or sister. If it can be picked up in dna testing and the child has it, it will be in the childs dna. Maybe they need a loan to get the money to build a bomb and mum is in the jail after that darned drug bust last year, pigs! what’s a poor radicalised youth to do? find dad!

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Donor sperm support. He was paying for the flights. I am glad you mentioned infidelity. The woman may be instructed to stay lying down for 15-20 minutes and then a small plastic covered sponge with a string attached may be inserted to keep the semen as close to the cervix as possible. It is objective and not subjective. That’s just laughable, truly, think of the odds. This is hardly a parallel to a deliberate concerted and legislated regime to deny children knowledge of their parentage. Said women sometimes don’t know who dad of the baby is and will nominate the best provider on the certificate.

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My only real concern is compensation. By seeking out contact with my donor, i’m in no way impacting on that initial agreement.

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