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Film of russian orgies. Life had been dynamised. The exposition des arts decoratifs, held in paris in 1925, lent its nickname to the style known as art deco, recognisable by its sleek streamlining. Yet these were periods of riot, not of revolution. Their protest was unavailing. Hippy culture introduced the concept of free love to an uptight american world in 1967. She sounds, long in advance, like an aerobics instructor in the 1990s, urging her sweaty followers to go for the burn.



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Its hero makes his money from bootlegging, yet despite this quaintly out-of-date occupation, he remains a contemporary figure. The word “orgy” passed into english in 1589, and evidence exists that the english were no slouches at group sex. And suddenly, after 2000-odd years, the orgy (or’gy, noun: “a revel involving unrestrained indulgence, especially sexual activity”) just didn’t seem like a great idea any more.

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