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The nice thing is – i posted emails, photos and newspapers along with other documentation. Asshole survival, sutton says, is a craft, not a science, meaning one can be good or bad at it. I’ll kick your butt. Are you an expert in your field? we are currently looking for an attorney, auto mechanic, and several other experts for different show topics. Good triumphs and liars have to go home and live with themselves.

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Foul mouth assholes. Part of me is happy that he’s getting the training as it means that he’ll assigned to another area but then again, his bad behavior is being rewarded, frustrating. Frustrated day in, day out with staff that keeps repeating mistakes, ignoring directives and refusing to take responsibility. Many workplace assholes are the result of being forced to work with lazy, you shuts like you who think running a corporate social club is more important than getting the job done. Diaz sat down with one woman who recently purchased a teletubby doll for her 3-year-old son. I simply decided to blog about my asshole bosses. Other insights in the paper involved timing, location, gender, and level of influence of the nsfw tweeters.

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I started off as a nice guy, until i saw my company going down the drain because of apathy and lack of professionalism. We give him a hard time of course.