Having midget sex

Anyone here ever have sex with a midget?

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Also you know the soy thing is like telling me not to mix cola and poprocks right? urban legends are fun and everything but they really don’t make you sound smart. Damn, just comin out and just saying that huh. A community dedicated to bitcoin, the currency of the internet. Today i learned again how facktard america is.

Interacial midget sex - videosexarchiveWhat do you call it when two transgender midgets have sex? : bitcoin

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Having midget sex. I was actually pretty impressed, he was doing 225 for reps at 4’6″ maybe, but i guess it’s not that hard to bench when your arms only have to move three inches a rep. Clever, but not ok with me. I speak well enough 6 languages. Well, after reading this, i need to go farther beyond moon.

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What do you call it when two transgender midgets have sex?

She was a speaker at their. This is why i love this sub. Feel free to call me whatever you wish.

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