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You can also order a tossed salad with miso dressing at many japanese restaurants. The coconut milk adds a touch of sweetness without adding too much fat to the dish. There are plenty of good choices. While not an exciting feature of asian cuisine, vegetable fried rice can be a filling meal by itself and contains nothing more than vegetables, rice, and various other spices or sauces depending on the region. To cut back on carbohydrates, choose. Because you can’t grasp as much food with chopsticks as you typically do with a fork or a spoon.

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Health food asian. Sign up and get it free! Crisp, pan-fried dumplings don’t have to be loaded with fat. When you order an entree, look for dishes that include as many vegetables as possible. Asian organic foods is your one stop shop to get delicious and nutritious asian natural and organic food.


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We liked the dumplings boiled in water, but they’re also delicious cooked in a steamer. Here, melissa rubel jacobson wraps the leaves around silky chinese noodles. Steamed dishes are prepared with water so they are naturally lower in fat and calories.