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3- she went for juryduty and got secuestrated for two nights and when she came back a man was sending her private messages (and her excuse was: i felt pressured to give him my facebook contact info as everyone else was doing it but i was going to block him as soon as i get his message) right after we have had a house fight over men in her facebook account. Its not easy and i struggle daily with thoughts of leaving. I am a man, and i refused to make love to my wife last night, because i have fear of contracting hiv, when i foolishly tried a sex worker. I made the appointment.

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Husband doesnt want sex. To him you are a prize. How dare he sit in front of his computer, jacking off to some chick with enormous tits, while i lay in the bed we shared feeling lonely and unloved? It was the hardest experience i have ever gone through. I have everything against me in the world when it come to wifey time and at times i cry to sleep while he is snoring away because what use to be once a week sex is slowly turning into once a month sex, he has a problem showing affection as it is because he dad was that way. Wa `alaykum as-salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. May i suggest that you go to this website for more information. I do not know it is fixable, since past experience has taught me that if significant problems exist at the beginning of a relationship (like this one of no sex), they do not improve over time.


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I want to feel desirable and persued. Some couples have a great sex life but little else. Without fail, every single time i have spoken on sexual intimacy and mentioned this problem, women have approached me, relieved to know that they aren’t alone.

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