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Good for you! we will miss you! but, i am happy for your family. I was able to meet the lovely lux pelger from pysmopisa a brand that raises awareness and education on psychedelics. As the other commentator mentions – you compartmentalize to protect yourself from the vicarious pain that is counterproductive. That a psychopath can show the same brain responses, witch are linked to empathy, doesn’t mean that the psychopath actually feel in the same way like the “normal person”. If someone feels “nothing” when hurting another person, why then would it “feel good” to do so? I hope people are nicer to you than you are to other people.

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Ov pleasure blog. I love enough people to count in less than my ten fingers, and out of these beloved ones, only four belong to the human race. Expressing the voice within – the renfrew center foundation’s 2018 art calendar is now available. This is the impulsivity,,,it wasnt in his interest to post yet he did, secondary psychopathy must be treated with the same boundaries as the real stuff, hes 4. Wisdom was not at the top. One of the things i hear my clients say the most is, “i can’t imagine life without having an eating disorder. Such a nice sweet mommy, i like the anal creampie and her smile at the end.


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Perfect combo for a psycho i must say. I’m just waiting for the right situation where it will be okay to show this rage i have. And advertiser, a coercer of peoples intent.