Piss on my motorcycle

10 things bikers do that piss me off | visordown

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There’s still a bit of question in the back of my mind if he actually would have crapped his pants. If you’re seen to be transparently testing and recommending stuff in their interest, then they’ll trust you and buy the stuff you recommend as a result. Do the same with a friend’s oddball classic bike and tell us what it’s like from the perspective of 2015. Likely years and years. A place for everything motorcycles. It just so happens that amazon’s next big conquest is going to be motorcycle gear and their inventory of it will be increasing dramatically this year, so that’s good timing for you. Which means that i’ve pretty much spent the last fortnight on a motorcycle, thinking about a motorcycle, fixing a motorcycle, almost crashing a motorcycle, gazing longingly at a motorcycle and pushing a dead motorcycle around a parking garage looking for a jump.

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Piss on my motorcycle. Awesome! but please don’t think that means you know how to ride a bike now. Amazing first person, life confirming adventures. They would make a great inclusion in a biker bar or a great christmas gift for the rider who has everything. Cornet was also the youngest winner.

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4 insane things nobody tells you about riding a motorcycle

The opportunity here is to tell great stories about interesting bikes, not to try and compete with. From 14 to 20 mph.

How do i deal with cat pee on my exhaust? : motorcycles

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