Rebuilding a clitoris

The pleasure doctor fighting to restore clitorises after female genital mutilation

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In terms of human rights, fgm certainly contravenes the right to life and the right not to be tortured or treated in an inhuman or degrading way. Nearly 50 women between the ages of 21 and 62 years were operated on. In 12 patients who additionally required augmentation phalloplasty, microvascular latissimus dorsi muscle flap transfer was performed. 2 years in female to male transsexuals [.

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Rebuilding a clitoris. Mali has a population of about 15 million people and a little over half are female. 18%) that were successfully repaired 6 months later by minor surgical procedures. It is a frustrating situation but one that he has to work with, he said. Determined the highest concentration of small nerves within the mucosal surface of the glans, compared to a smaller number of nerve fibers in the skin over clitoral-urethral complex, emphasizing the role of glans clitoris in sexual function [.


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The pleasure hospital

Orgasm frequency increased from 45. After more scans and tests, and a painful procedure to confirm her lymph nodes were not irregular as they had suspected, claire was introduced to cosmetic surgeon paul harris.

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