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So the tone pots have particular significance. In the following interview, slash gives us the skinny on everything from his forthcoming solo album and new guitars to the ongoing search for a new velvet revolver singer. Marley played a few different guitars, mostly acoustics, but his main electric was a modified gibson les paul junior with p90 pickups. Lemmy always wears that same kind of hat too, it looks pretty good on him. Really when it comes down to it a les paul is a really simple instrument – even things like the tonepros bridge are basically an update on an old idea. Gorgeous looks and incredible tone are only the start of it. It seems ridiculous – but they all have a unique purpose.

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Sounds like time for a neck reset

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Shaved neck gibson guitar. Journey is often thought of as a classic rock blast from the past, but they are still going strong today, and schon sounds as good as ever. I did very little to it besides changing the strings and it was great. In many ways, slash brought the les paul back into the spotlight at a time when single-pickup superstrats were everywhere. There are a lot of guitars to choose from. Having said that i have 80 or 90 guitars there are two that i keep close by with me at all times. I can’t wait to put it on my car stereo and drive around at high speed. In my mind i still associate billy joe armstrong with that blue strat copy, even though i know he has been playing les paul jrs for years.

Shaving a neck on a gibson les paul? | my les paul forum10 famous gibson les paul players and their guitars | spindittyFiling/shaving down a guitar neck? - guitars/amps/effects/gear - learn and master community

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