Sticking finger up asshole

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Hopefully my story will scare the crap out of you to stop. Then one day i did it with hot water and just pressed it on the hole and straight away i was going for a toilet, it feels really good, feels alittle gay but thats not my point anytime i want to go i just use this hot toilet paper and i go everytime. In reply to abcdefg333 doctors are very professional and im sure they will understand, but the problem for me and maybe you is plucking up the courage to admit to the doctor. So i will turn the tap on to cover the noise.

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Sticking finger up asshole. I stopped for a while after that, and started up again a few years later – i don’t know why. Anyway—obviously i have found this thread and decided that it is time for me to stop before i completely fuck myself up and have to use a bag to empty my colon. Phew! what a relief! i knew dr. By boldly going where no man has. It is gross, yes. A stool sample can also reveal white blood cells, whose presence indicates ulcerative colitis or inflammatory disease.


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Easing your way in alone

I know this sounds weird, but i used to use so much toilet paper when i was around 13 and i got told off. I have recently been doing research on the benefits of “squatting”.

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